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So I have not posted here in a long time because I moved in with my boyfriend and have been really happy and eating well. I have been feeling like shit about myself lately because I know I have gained weight, and even though my boyfriend says I look beautiful and loves me I know I am gross. It all hit me when I saw a picture of myself and someone had commented that I look pregnant. I think I could just die of embarassment. I can not believe I let myself get so fat and comfortable.
Know I dont even know where to start. The begining is such a slow process it is frusterating. It is also really hard not to eat because my boyfriend is always here for dinner and on the weekends....I can not eat during the day at work, but when I get home I need to think of some ways to avoid him force feeding me. Like this morning he made pancackes and sausages, I said I would have one pancack which I only had a few bits of then he forced me to eat a sausage. SICK.
Any advice....what to eat during the day so I have a little energy and how to avaoid being force feed at night?
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